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连 词(6-3~7-1)





“I wont go. ” “But youve told me you would.”

“Can I help you?” “Im afraid the box is too heavy for you, but thank you all the same.”

2. yet(然而)

They got to know each other a month ago, yet they have been in deep love now. (be in love 相爱)

She has her weaknesses, yet that doesnt mean she is not qualified for the job.(be qualified for 胜任)

She is not a native speaker, yet her French is adequate for the job.(be adequate for 胜任)

3. however(然而)

The text is difficult. It is , however, not beyond the reach of the students.

At first the girl refused to go with him. Later, however, she changed her mind.

4. for(因为)

Youd better put on your coat, for its rather cold outside.

It must be snowing, for it is so bright outside.

The old man sat in front of the fire most of the day, for it was very cold.

5. so(所以)

I have lived in Wuhan for five years, so Im used to the life here.(be used to+n或doing 习惯于…… Im used to getting up early in the morning.used to do sth. 过去常常做某事 I used to teach in the school.I used to get up late in the morning.)

It was already rather late, so we decided to go home.

My mother is expecting me, so I must be off now.

Mary earns a good salary, so she cant be deep in debt.

(be in debt 陷于债务之中)

6. and(并且)

Try your best and youll succeed this time.(succeed是动词,successful是形容词,success是名词)

He shook his head and went away.(shook的原型是shake)

7. then(然后)

First they only quarreled, and then they began to fight.

Use your brain, and then youll find a way.

8. or(或者)

Hurry up, or youll be late.

You may do it yourself, or ask someone else to do it.

He hardly ever goes to the cinema or the theatre.

9. otherwise(否则)

She was in a hurry that morning. Otherwise she would have stopped to talk with you.

Youd better take more exercise, otherwise youll get fat.

10. either …or(或者……或者)

You can come either today or tomorrow.

You may either stay here or go with me.

11. neither, nor, neither…nor

I dont know the answer, neither/nor does she.


She couldnt speak German, neither/nor could anyone else in the class.

I dont want to do it, nor do I want you to do it.

She could neither speak English nor write it.

We work neither for fame nor for personal gains.

We neither know nor care what has happened.

12. both…and (两者都)

Shes looking for opportunities both here and abroad.

(opportunity 机会)

The prospects both excited and worried me.

13. not only … but also(不但……而且)

not only … but also连接的句子成分一定要一致

The boy not only lost the money but also came close to losing his life.

He is like his mother not only in appearance but also in character.(not only+介词+名词,but also+介词+名词)

14. as well as(也怎么样)

We have read one of his novels as well as a few of his plays.

The kind man gave me some advice as well as some money.

15. nevertheless(然而)

She has failed many times, nevertheless she is confident she will succeed in the end.

16. therefore(因此)

Youre in the right, therefore we should support you.

17. hence(因此)

The word is an uncountable noun and is used in a general sense, hence(therefore) it takes no article.


1. “I thought he hated the TV.”

“You are right, _______ he still watches the program.”

A. yet B. besides C. also D. then

yet 然而

besides 除了


He is a teacher. Im also a teacher.

then 然后

答案 A

2. “You should put the money in the bank.”

“Its my money, _______ I can do whatever I want with it. ”

A. but B. so C. yet D. or

but 除了

so 所以

yet 然而

or 或者

答案 B

3. We must leave the party at exactly 9:00, ________ well be late for work.

A. for else B. other C. else D. otherwise

for else(没有这种搭配)




答案 D

4. Both Mary and Ellen, ________ Jane, are studying nursing at the University of Toledo.

A. as well as B. well C. as well D. and well as

as well as (也,并且)

well (好)

as well (无此用法)

and well as (无此用法)

答案 A

5. You can fly to London this evening _______ you dont mind changing planes in Paris.

A. unless B. except C. so far as D. if

mind doing sth.

unless (除非)

except (除了)

in so far as (到什么什么程度)so far (迄今为止)

if (如果)

答案 D

6. The patients will have to wait all day _______ the doctor works faster.

A. if B. whether C. unless D. that

if (如果)



答案 C

7. She remained silent, _______ her heart was heavy and her spirit low.

A. so B. though C. for D. therefore

so (所以)


for (因为)

therefore (因此)

答案 C

8. In the world no country has exactly the same folk music ________ that of any other countries.

A. with B. as C. to D. like

the same as 和……一样

as: 连词。谈到人或事物彼此都有相同点时表示比较 This is the same one as that you had before.

Like: 介词。 Like me, she enjoys all kinds of music. She enjoys all kinds of music, as I do.

在口语中like 可以做连词=as Nobody understands him like/ as I do.

答案 B

9. My brother likes country music, _______ I like pop music.

A. when B. where C. while D. because

when (当……时候)

where (在哪儿)

while (当……时候;相反)

because (因为)

答案 C

10. ________ it is very late now, the students are still working in the lab.

A. As B. When C. If D. Although

as 因为

when 当……时候

if 如果

although 尽管

答案 D



1.The boy wanted to play football. _____, it was raining and he stayed at home.

A. And B. But C. So D. For

and(并且); but (但是);so (所以);for (因为)

答案 B

2.The couple have lived in China for five years, so they have got used to the life here.

3.I wonder if you have met my sister.(if 是否)

4.The research results show that the earth goes a little faster _______ it is closer to the sun.

A. as if B. so that C. than D. when

as if (仿佛);so that (以便,为了);so……that(如此……以至于);

than (连接比较级);when (当……时候)

答案 D

5.________ I havent seen the film, I know very little about it.

A. After B. Although C. As D. Before

after (在什么之后);although (尽管);as (因为);before (在……之前)

because和so不能同时用 as和so不能连用

答案 C